A guide to Kindle Fiction Categories


I’m going to teach you here how to get your book into a BUNCH of Amazon categories, as well as giving you a complete list of Amazon’s fiction categories so that you can get your book in the right ones. But


Before we get started, here’s a quick “about me,” for those who don’t know who I am, so you will know that the below is credible and hopefully helpful:


I’m an internationally-bestselling author, produced screenwriter (meaning I’ve written movies that actually got made), multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist (as well as finalist, semi-finalist, etc. for a buncha other awards), and one of the top indie horror authors in the US. I have sold well into six figures’ worth of ebooks, and I have no idea how many paperbacks I’ve sold, though it’s definitely enough to qualify as “actual money.”


By “bestselling,” I mean that I’ve had numerous Top 100 Overall Bestsellers in the Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo stores in most English-speaking markets (US, UK, Canada, England, ets.), as well as multiple bestsellers in the following top-level genres: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Mystery… and probably a couple others that I can’t remember off the top of my head.


I make a living writing. It’s all I do for work, and as an indie I’m also a “one-stop shop” – I write my books (duh!), and also do my own covers, provide my own marketing, and am the Chief High Poo-Bah of my books (other than my wife, who is In Charge Of Everything).


Not trying to brag, but it’s helpful to know you’re talking to someone who’s ACTUALLY DOING IT, as opposed to someone who tells you all about “the right way” to do it while selling three books a month on Amazon.


So that’s done… Phew. On to…




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