Stranger Still


Your sins are Legion…

… and now you belong to him.



Legion is a teacher. An avenging angel. A murderer.

A madman.


“This is the kind of story that once you start it will not release you until it is ready.” – The Genre Minx


Born in the blood of a dying mother, raised in the underground lair of an insane father, he travels the world looking for those who keep secrets and sins. He finds those who have fallen short, and teaches them the lessons they need to leave their mistakes behind.


Even if he has to kill them to do it. Because sometimes murder is the only way to teach a proper lesson.


“I see [Collings’] name and I grab the book… now that I have met Legion, I have to know more about him.” – Fundinmental Book Reviews


So when he sees a man kidnap two people on the side of the road, Legion knows it is time to teach again.


Soon he finds himself caught in the crossfire of a coup in a Russian crime syndicate. He is captured, beaten, bleeding, in chains; cut off and alone.


It’s just the way he likes it.

Legion has found his students. And for them, life is about to beome frightening and so much… stranger.




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Scavenger Hunt


“I already know all your names.

As for me… you can call me Mr. Do-Good.”


Five strangers have woken up in a white room. A room with no doors, no windows.


A room with no hope.


“5 stars!” Sci-Fi & Scary

Because these strangers have been kidnapped, drugged… and brought here as the newest contestants in the world’s most high-stakes scavenger hunt.


A GREAT story that kept me guessing until the end… it will not be a story that you will want to put down!” – The Genre Minx


Run by a madman named Mr. Do-Good, the game offers only two options: win or die.


“Unputdownable!” – Fundinmental book reviews


All they have to do to survive is…


complete every task…
on time…
and not break any of Do-Good’s rules.


“An entertaining, action-packed read.” – Morbidly Beautiful Reviews


Playing the game will bring the players to their breaking point and beyond. But play they will, because Do-Good has plans for these strangers, and their only chance to live through the night is to discover what’s really behind his Scavenger Hunt.

“If you want excitement, don’t miss this one.” – Monster Librarian

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Darkling Smiles

A “chilling collection of eight tales… as scary as they are satisfying…” (Publisher’s Weekly)


A family that wins tablet computers at a deal to good to be believed…

A man who is sent across the universe, only to discover the most dangerous world in existence…

A hitman who realizes that his greatest contract is going to be himself…

A man whose child has been targeted by a cult, and must decide what he is willing to do to save those he loves…

Michaelbrent Collings brings you eight tales of people whose lives — and sometimes deaths — have fallen into decay.

Tales of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the outrageous and the banal. Tales of lives bright, lives dim.

Stories of a universe fallen, where every happiness has its opposite, and every smile will be inevitably darkled


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Michaelbrent Collings brings you one of the “Best Reads of 2019” (Horror After Dark); a “Top 10 Read of 2019” (Sci-fi & Scary)…


All passengers, please prepare for departure…

An employee, a cop, and six passengers; a prisoner, a stowaway, and a madman.

These are the people waiting at the Lawton bus terminal.

 Mostly late-night travelers who want nothing more than to get to their destinations, and employees who want nothing more than to get through the graveyard shift.

But when a strange, otherworldly fog rolls in, the night changes to nightmare. Because something hides in the fog. Something powerful. Something strange. Something… inhuman.

Soon, those in the terminal have been cut off from the rest of the world. No phones, no computers. Just ten strangers in the terminal… and The Other.

The Other is the force in the mist. The Other is the thing that has captured them. And The Other wants to play a game.

The rules are simple:

  1. The people in the terminal must choose a single person from among them. That person will live. The rest will die.
  2. Anyone who attempts to leave the terminal before the final vote will die.
  3. The final vote… must be unanimous. 

A nightmare. And getting worse, because the best way to make a vote unanimous… is to kill the other voters. 

Welcome to the Terminal.

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The Ridealong

The Ridealong



“I’ve left clues for you, and clues for the police.
They’ll be searching for you. The evidence at the scene of Officer Knight’s death is enough to send you both to jail.”

“Who am I searching for?”

The Voice laughs. That strange, dangerous laugh. “Me, of course.”


It was supposed to be just one more ridealong, a night when high schooler Melissa Latham accompanies her father on his patrol. But when a psychotic killer targets them for a wicked game, the night turns into a high-speed chase where there is no prize for second place.

They have to find a killer before he murders the next one of their friends.

They have to find a killer before they are caught and charged for the murder of the men he’s already killed.

They have to find a killer… before he finds them.


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Crime Seen

Crime Seen

How do you kill a man when he’s already dead?

Detective Evan White is on the trail of a killer.

A madman who slaughters at a whim.
A murderer bent on destroying everything and everyone Evan loves.
An assassin who can’t be killed… because he’s already dead.

Evan is about to begin the longest day of his life. A day that will determine what is true, what is false. What crimes are reality…

… and what crimes are merely seen.


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Blood Relations: A Good Mormon Girl Mystery

Blood Relations: A Good Mormon Girl Mystery

Lane Cooley is the best Homicide Detective on the LAPD. But she isn’t anything like you’d imagine.

She’s no fast-talking femme fatale… no, she’s a Good Mormon Girl who doesn’t smoke, drink, cuss, or even watch R-rated movies. n

But that doesn’t mean Lane misses out on all the blood and guts. Especially now. A new serial killer is in town, one who knows all the cops’ tricks, all their secrets. One who is targeting young girls, killing them, and cutting them to pieces.

Now, Lane has to race against the clock to find the killer. Because the murderer has chosen his next victim. And it’s Lane’s little sister.


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