How to get your book in up to ten Amazon Categories

How to get your book in up to ten Amazon Categories


 1) Go to your Authorcentral account. If you don’t have one, GET ONE.

 It’s easy to do – it’s part of Amazon’s KDP stuff, and it unlocks all sorts of stuff for your books and Amazon Author Page. So if you don’t have an Authorcentral account, then click here to get one and once you’ve signed in go to…


 2) At the top right of your Authorcentral (AC) page, click where it says “Help” and you’ll go here:



 3) On the left, click “Contact us”:



 4) Go to the dropdown menu that opens:



 5) Select the following options as they appear:


 Choose “My books” under “Select an issue”

 In the next dropdown select “Update information about a book”

 Then select “Browse Categories”

 Then select “I want to update my book’s browse categories”



 6) It will ask if you want them to call or email. I HIGHLY recommend you choose “Phone.”



 7)  Again: CHOOSE PHONE. E-mail will take a few days to back-and-forth and process, plus it’s harder to communicate the browse categories you want. If you choose “Phone” the whole thing will be updated – including on your page – in minutes, and the Amazon people are helpful and patient so you will get assists if you bobble anything. Just enter your phone number and they’ll call you back in SECONDS.



 8) Now all you need is to talk to the person.


 The following page has a PDF of ALL the categories available as of the time of this writing. And even if they change, if you talk to the Amazon people on the phone and ask for a category that doesn’t exist, they’ll let you know (and probably ask “Did you mean [ENTER NEW VERSION OF THE CATEGORY HERE]?” and you’ll be good to go!).


 CLICK HERE to go to the complete list of Amazon Categories.