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  • AN MbC MUST-READ: Ten Steps to Overnight Success…

    (… or, How it Only Took a Decade to get Paid)   The top 1% of members of the Writers Guild of America — the folks who make between $600,000 and the “big money” (seven figures) number in the mere dozens. Of the rest of them — members of a group that as a rule […]

  • Mormons and Horror: Light Within the Dark

    Paper sponsored by the Association for Mormon Letters, presented at Life, the Universe, and Everything writing convention February 18, 2017     I am a horror writer. I am a Mormon. Whenever these two intersecting – and yes, they are intersecting – facets of my life are discovered, the response is invariably one of surprise, […]

  • Our Wonderful Obsession With Horror

    What is it about horror? We’ve had it as part of our lives since… well, forever. I mean that literally. Look at the first recorded art — cave paintings. They weren’t about that one time when Cavedude got a shiny rock from Mrs. Cavedude, or about the time they had a nice romantic night away […]

  • AN MbC MUST-READ: The Song of the Rafters

    The Song of the Rafters We moved a few years ago, and I was thrilled. Not because of the great neighborhood (though it was great), not because the new house was nice and big (though it was nice and big), not even because it came with its very own trampoline (boing!). No. It was the […]

  • A Very Merry (Scary) Christmas

    It’s an age old story. Everything’s blissfully quiet. You settle down for a long winter snooze after putting on your coziest winter jammies. Then… a clatter atop the roof! You jump out of bed and run to the window. To see Santa and his reindeer above you! And then… Santa PULLS OUT HIS MACHETE/CHAINSAW/MACHINE GUN […]

  • Gun Control: Necessary?

    In the wake of recent mass-murders/shootings in Paris and San Bernardino, a lot of my friends have been debating gun control vs. no (or less) gun control (for obvious reasons). I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, but the below captures one of the most important parts of my “gun philosophy”: A recent […]

  • Santa Claus: Christmas Terror

    It’s my favorite time of the year. The wind is blowing, I look absolutely fabulous in a variety of amusing sweaters, and the tiny children who ride past my window on their bicycles have gone into hibernation for the winter. Also, I had most of them killed for riding past my window. The other thing […]

  • Let us all be Friends, and WET OUR PANTS

    I love children. People say that children are our future, which is why I asked my two kids what next week’s lottery numbers would be. Neither of them answered. Well, I don’t think either one did. My youngest responded with a screech and ran to the bathroom where she immediately started peeing, but I couldn’t […]

  • Faith and Obscenely Large Pickles

    I think it’s okay to be afraid of certain things. Like tsunamis, or terrorists, or those people who buy giant pickles at amusement parks. But it seems like fear is overpowering so many of us these days. I went for a ride in a car the other day. It wasn’t my car; I didn’t even […]

  • The Miracle in a Baby’s Hand

    People ask me sometimes how a horror writer can believe – and write – about things like Good and Evil, God and Devil. Here’s an example: Yesterday my wife was cooking lunch for the kids. She opened the oven door, and my infant son – less than a year old, just learning to pull himself […]

  • Personal Thoughts on Collective Thinking

    I grow concerned at the way we as a culture are seeking forward growth. For a long time we were hunters and gatherers: the ultimate individualists, with some of the greatest limitations built into our way of life. With no cooperation there could be no chance of any one person growing beyond his or her […]

  • The 2015 Hugo Controversy – A Few Thoughts

    I usually don’t get involved in online “discussions.” Partly because so much of what we “discuss” happens on Facebook – the equivalent of trying to teach recalcitrant students rocket science exclusively through the use of bumper stickers.* And partly because I’m busy, you know, writing for a living. But a number of events have come […]

  • Thoughts on a Suicide

    I saw a man kill himself last night. No, this is not a joke, and no, I will not provide details other than that it was incredibly tragic. And it led me to a thought or two. Many of you know that I suffer from major depressive disorder. There are days where I just want […]

  • AN MbC MUST-READ: Success is BAD

    I am often asked questions about the business of writing – how to self-pub, how to market, how to amass a group of loyal fans – but the question I am most often asked (in some form or other) is this: “How do I become a successful writer?” For a long time I tried to […]

  • What Good is Horror

    I hear it all the time: why do you spend your time on horror when there are so many other “good” things you could be writing? And it’s a legitimate question. A lot of people’s opinions on horror are shaped by the images they see on movie trailers, or confined to the vague idea that […]

  • Horror and Hope

    I am a guy who writes scary stuff. It’s basically all I do. I’m one of the bestselling horror writers on Amazon, and as of this writing one of the scary movies in Redboxes and video stores all over the world has my name after the “screenplay by” part. I specialize in ghosts and goblins. […]

  • Creation in Writing

    There are several reasons we write. For personal satisfaction, as a way of making sense of the world around us. We write to create emotions in others, to teach lessons that will (hopefully) make the world a better place. We also write (perhaps most important) as a way of creating community. Think about it: not […]

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