AN MbC MUST-READ: Ten Steps to Overnight Success… (part 2)

2) Involve yourself in marketing.


The fact is, people will (for the most part) not come banging down your door looking for you to write them the next bestelling novel or blockbuster screenplay. You have to do the work yourself. Enter contests. Get involved in writer’s forums. Be a voice that can be heard and one that is accepted as an authority.


Another way to do this is to do interviews. There are many websites (The Author Exchange Blog, Two Ends of the Pen, just to name a few) that actively seek out writers to interview. The fact that they interview both “established” writers and first-time novelists is a huge benefit for new authors: they benefit from the many “eyeballs” who will want to read about their favorite established authors…and who then will perhaps take a gander at a new author as well. IF you stun them with what you write on those sites.


These kinds of interviews also provide another huge bonus: they are one of the few fora in the world where you control things. The blog owner may send you interview questions, but you get to take your time answering them. You are free to create for yourself a persona that will appeal to your target audience…and you get to take your time doing it.


Which brings me to the next item: