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As an internationally-bestselling author and produced screenwriter, I have the experience to give you a nuts-and-bolts look at what you can do to improve. Other editors or authors promise they will “make your writing better.” I won’t promise that (it’s impossible, anyway). What I give you is tools make your own writing better.

Pricing for my services is below. And if there’s something you don’t see that you would like me to do, just use the contact form to reach out and let me know; I love to help authors, and if I can help you, well… nothing would make me happier.

So drop me a line… and keep on writing!

Nathan Throop, client

“Although there were several areas of my story that needed to be improved, I came away from the critique feeling jazzed and ready to write more.”

Rick Hautala, New York Times Bestseller

“Michaelbrent gives the best kind of script notes: specific, page by page, often line by line suggestions that fix the tiniest dents that can make the difference between a ‘purty good’ script and a great script. He also has tremendous insight into larger, global fixes that help focus the screenplay and make it what it… Read more… “Rick Hautala, New York Times Bestseller”

Shane Borrowman, Associate Professor, University of Montana Western

“Independent publishing strategies were an abstraction for my creative writing students…until MbC came to class (via Facetime).  He walked them through the realities of indie publishing, offering solid guidance and significant cautions, and both his words and his work showed them that this career is possible for a writer today, although it involves mastering not only the… Read more… “Shane Borrowman, Associate Professor, University of Montana Western”

Will M.

“6 (SIX!) pages of thoughtful guidance and advice on beginning of my story ‘Rue From Ruin.’ Best critique I’ve seen. Thank you, MbC!”

B. DeM.

“Michaelbrent was more than willing to come and be a part of our events, even with his busy schedule, engaged the audience, spoke extensively with everyone, and all around was a wonderful speaker. Thank you!”

Clint Johnson, author and professional editor and writing coach

“If I counted on my fingers the best teachers of writing to publish I know, Michaelbrent would make the list even if I lost a few digits. Lots of people can tell you how to write like them, and precious little good it will do you. Michaelbrent is one of the few who will legitimately… Read more… “Clint Johnson, author and professional editor and writing coach”

Kraig Butler, Client

“Michaelbrent Collings is the ideal male role model for my children. I witnessed him first hand save a drowning baby out of a burning building right before it exploded!”
NOTE FROM TEAM MbC: Yes, he really wrote that. Also (and this one is more relevant, we have to admit):
Read more… “Kraig Butler, Client”

Nathan Smith Jones, produced screenwriter

“There are many who offer script and story advice, but there are few able to look at your work at the molecular level — not only what your story is and what you can do to make it better, but he’ll go so far as to offer how the very way your story is formatted… Read more… “Nathan Smith Jones, produced screenwriter”

James Henson, indie producer/screenwriter

“Michaelbrent Collings is a consummate professional, who possesses a great sense of story, and his knack for knowing what works (and what doesn’t), has helped my storytelling manyfold.”

Frank Cole, author of The Afterlife Academy and Hashbrown Winters

“Up front and honest, but always spot-on, Michaelbrent Collings is a master at fine-tuning all elements of novel writing. In literally a short amount of time he found ways to help me pull the story out of my mind.”