Peter & Wendy: A Tale of The Lost

Eve is the girl who has nothing.
She never knew her father. Her mother is an alcoholic. She goes to one of the roughest schools in the country, and every day there is a study in torment: she’s been slashed with knives, burnt with cigarettes butts, and worse. Her life is one of constant fear, constant pain.
Until HE comes.
On the day the most handsome guy Eve has ever seen starts coming to her school, she somehow knows everything is going to change. And it does. He sweeps her off her feet. He makes her feel beautiful. He makes her feel loved. He makes her feel… SPECIAL.
The only problem is that he wants to murder her.
Because he is a vampire. A vampire named…
Eve is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Wendy, the first human girl Peter ever fell in love with, and who fell in love with him… right before he killed her.
Peter wants make Eve his own as well – to give her his heart, make her fall in love with him, then drink her blood as he has vowed to do to every girl born of the Wendy line. And Peter he is a near-invincible creature of super-human strength, inhuman cunning, and ageless desire. He has marked her as his, so his she will be, body and soul.
Eve’s only hope lays with James Hook, vampire killer and sworn protector of the Wendy line.
Like Peter, James has lived a long, long time in the shape of a young man. But where the Pan lives a life of dangerous pleasure and beautiful death, Hook survives in a world of scars and shade. His face and body have been slashed and crippled, and still he continues: he will protect Eve however he can, whatever the cost.
But Eve isn’t sure she WANTS to be protected. Because for the first time, Peter Pan may actually be falling in love. For the first time, Eve has found not one but two people who fight for a place in her heart.
For the first time, Eve is on the verge of truly becoming one of The Lost…