My review of Justice League

I saw JUSTICE LEAGUE with my two oldest kids. Verdict: it was okay to good – which is at LEAST an order of magnitude better than I expected. You could absolutely feel Whedon’s touch in the script and directing – a bit lighter palette on screen, and a lighter feel. Some good jokes (Aquaman sitting on Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth is a standout), and the kid who played THE FLASH showed Jesse Eisenberg that it is possible to do manic/neurotic without veering into “I’m a weasel who was drinking an espresso right before I fell into this big vat of cocaine” mode.


The Good:

1) The Flash absolutely stole the show – magic every time he was onstage, and his “hero progression” was handled brilliantly.

2) Batfleck still fits surprisingly well, and has some nicely played moments (see Flash’s “hero progression”). He needs to ditch the hairpieces and just admit he’s bald, though.

3) Some BEAUTIFUL shots. I like how in this one and Wonder Woman they really seemed to be mining ancient art as a template for what the fight scenes should look like.


The Meh:

1) Wonder woman got very little in the way of good lines, character development, or anything else, which was a shame since she became such a well-drawn character in her recent movie. She hit some people good and made magic fire by clicking her arm protectors together (PS totally lame move if you’re going to use it repeatedly), but that was kinda it.

2) Aquaman is getting a “meh” because they took a character almost no one liked and made him look AMAZING, then the actor portrayed him as such a unidimensional surfer dude it got boring and occasionally took a flying leap into lame.

3) The story was a series of wasted ideas. There was room to do something very powerful and interesting, but the artists involved avoided depth to such an extent that it felt like a cinematic kiddie pool.


The Bad:

1) Zack Snyder. Also, Zack Snyder and for good measure Zack Snyder. The dude has made precisely ONE good movie, and that one was a remake. Other than that, he does movies that are GORGEOUS, bus so drab and dreary it feels like pre-cyclone Kansas. Also, I have yet to see a movie where he gets “Story by” or “Written by” in which the story wasn’t a muddled mess.

2) Supes is my favorite all-time superhero. And the makers decided to make him the catalyst (of sorts), essentially relegating him to scenes where the best character development came in the form of “I am not wearing a shirt now, so you just KNOW I’m gonna mess you up in the face!” Ditto Amy Adams as Lois Lane. You’ve got an actor of her caliber, and you USE it.



Overall, I would recommend it, but encourage low expectations. It was fun enough to watch with my kids, and they certainly loved it, but I will likely never watch it again. Glad I did once… but once was enough.