“I already know all your names.

As for me… you can call me Mr. Do-Good.”


Five strangers have woken up in a white room. A room with no doors, no windows.


A room with no hope.


“5 stars!” Sci-Fi & Scary

Because these strangers have been kidnapped, drugged… and brought here as the newest contestants in the world’s most high-stakes scavenger hunt.


A GREAT story that kept me guessing until the end… it will not be a story that you will want to put down!” – The Genre Minx


Run by a madman named Mr. Do-Good, the game offers only two options: win or die.


“Unputdownable!” – Fundinmental book reviews


All they have to do to survive is…


complete every task…
on time…
and not break any of Do-Good’s rules.


“An entertaining, action-packed read.” – Morbidly Beautiful Reviews


Playing the game will bring the players to their breaking point and beyond. But play they will, because Do-Good has plans for these strangers, and their only chance to live through the night is to discover what’s really behind his Scavenger Hunt.

“If you want excitement, don’t miss this one.” – Monster Librarian