The Lawman’s Love

Miracles are what happen when you have nothing left to lose…
Nicolette Carpenter owns the Good Comfort Hotel in King’s Mill… or what’s left of it. Since her parents died and left her the hotel, business has been more of a bust than a boom. In fact, the bank is going to foreclose in only a matter of days, and there’s nothing she can do about it. So when a handsome lawman named Malachi comes to the town of King’s Mill looking for a place to stay, there’s plenty of room in the nearly-empty hotel.
Not that his staying will change the inevitable. She’s going to lose the hotel. She’ll lose her parents’ legacy.
She’ll lose herself.
But fate has a strange way of giving back what has been taken. And as Malachi searches for the villain who brought him to King’s Mill, Nicolette finds herself drawn to the lawman… just as he is drawn to her.
Together, the two will embark on an adventure that will change their lives, that will change the face of King’s Mill… and that will result in criminals captured and hearts bound forever. Because in a harsh, changing world, Nicolette is about to find that the one thing she can always count on… is The Lawman’s Love.

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