The Mountain Man’s Love

It will take a hunter to capture her heart…
Sarah Gables knows what it is like to be hated. Ever since her husband left her – and left behind a pack of scurrilous rumors and lies about her, to boot – she has known only scorn and hatred. The people of King’s Mill shun her at ever turn, and miss no chance to mock and belittle her. Her only friends are the good folk of the Baxter Homestead Hotel. Martha and Jacob Bricker, and Nicolette and Malachi Hayes have given her a family of sorts… or at least a bit of peace, and a shelter in the storm of her life. Other than that, she is alone.
Until Ben Wheeler arrives.
On the surface, he appears like any other trapper: a man at home in the mountains, alone for months at a time, and who only ventures into the terrors of “civilized” places when he must. A man of few words, but when he first sees Sarah, he instantly takes it upon himself to protect her from the lies, the hatred, the torments.
Soon, Sarah is lost in his eyes, his strength, and his heart. She feels her own heart – locked away inside her for so many years – open, and her spirit soar. But she does not know that Ben Wheeler is more than what he sees. He carries with him a dark secret, and the remnants of a painful past.
Can Sarah protect him from himself? Can Ben protect her from the dangers at her doorstep?
Sarah does not know the answers. She only knows they can be found in The Mountain Man’s Love…
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