The Nitty-Gritty of Amazon Categories




 Amazon categories and subcategories are incredibly important. They help people looking for your kind of book to find your specific book. Getting in the right categories is critically important – for everyone, but especially for new authors.


 Everyone who has uploaded through KDP knows that you can pick two categories for your book. But did you know you can get your book listed in up to ten categories/subcategories?


 And that a lot of those are not even listed as options on your KDP dashboard?


 Below I will show you how to get your book listed in the categories you would like to have listed – UP TO TEN OF THEM. And at the bottom of this page is a PDF showing EVERY SINGLE AMAZON FICTION CATEGORY, SUBCATEGORY, AND SUB-SUBCATEGORY AS OF THE TIME OF THIS LISTING.


 Look through the list of categories. If you find one that you like, Google “Amazon Kindle Bestsellers [Name of subcategory]” and see how it looks. Check out the books, see if they’re like yours. See if the category is a bit less competitive, where you might be discovered.


 By this I mean: if you have your book listed as



Kindle ebooks –> Mystery, Thriller & Suspense –> Thriller


 as one of your categories and


Kindle ebooks –> Mystery, Thriller & Suspense –> Suspense


 as the other, at the time of this writing your book will have to be in the top 600 or so OVERALL bestselling Kindle ebooks to even show up on the Bestsellers list for those categories.


 However, if you list your book as



Kindle ebooks –> Science Fiction & Fantasy —> Fantasy –> Arthurian



you only have to be in the top 60,000 overall in Kindle to make the Bestseller cut.


 Now, I’m not telling you this so you can try and “game” the system in order to manufacture a “bestselling” book. Honestly, most people are wise to that and if you proclaim yourself a “bestseller” and then tell them it’s a bestselling Kindle eBook —> Fiction —> Mystery Thriller –> Thriller –> Thrillers About Guys Named Moe –> Thriller About Guys Named Moe Who Are Left-Handed And Have Bulldogs As Pets and/or Confidants, most people are going to a) know that’s probably not a huge deal, and b) feel a bit irked at you for misleading them.


 No, the fact is that getting the categories right just means that people looking for your kind of book are more likely to find your specific book.


 So how to do this? Following are the steps, with pictures, so as to make it as easy as possible for you, as well as a complete listing – all 20-plus pages of it – of Amazon categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories, sub-sub-sub… etc.


 But first: PLEASE NOTE that this post, not to mention the finding and copying down all Amazon’s keyword categories, took a LOT of time. The cheapest I’ve found the listing of the keywords all in one place is about $40, and nowhere else that I’ve found has EVERYTHING.


 So what’s the price to you for the following info?


 I understand what it’s like to be a starving author. So I’m not charging for the info I’m providing; all I ask is that, if you find the info useful, you purchase one of my books listed below. All are under $5, and since I write have had some success writing everything from horror to scifi/fantasy to urban fantasy to mysteries and thrillers (even romance under the pen name Angelica Hart!), there’s bound to be something that’s in your reading wheelhouse.


 It’s honor system. Purchase a book if you think I’ve given you at least $5 of value for your publishing work (or buy more of them if you are really happy with what you’ve gotten!). If not, then obviously don’t contribute.


 And if you are at the beginning of your career, pounding out words at night after your first job and eating noodles because that’s the only way you can afford your monthly Word subscription… then just use the information and improve your career, then help someone else do the same when you’ve got a bit more success under your belt.


 We’re authors, and we should help each other out. It’s not a zero-sum game, where someone wins, someone loses. More good work getting into the right hands just turns into readers who love reading, and look for more books.


 We all win when we help each other out. So buy a book of mine if you can, and if you think this info is worth it (just click the cover to go to the Amazon purchase page for each book). If not… no hard feelings, and best of luck on your way.


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