The Sword Chronicles: Child of Ash

The Sword Chronicles: Child of Ash



Her friends are gone. Ansborn is dying. And there is only one place Sword can go: to the Gods.


Planning to destroy those responsible for the deaths of her friends and the destruction of Ansborn, Sword will descend into a world unlike any she has ever known. Aided by the two most dangerous enemies she has ever faced, she will climb below the clouds that have hidden Ansborn from the world for a thousand years. And she will kill anyone and anything she finds.


But Sword does not know the truth: that Ansborn is a construct of a great nation that passed away a thousand years before she was born. That the world she knew is a vast experiment; a second chance for a lost race.


Sword is about to face the greatest enemy she has yet encountered. An enemy that has lived for countless generations. An enemy that has destroyed all who dared challenge it. An enemy that Sword must defeat; for she is the last hope of Ansborn, and of every living person.


She is Sword, and only she . . . can save the world.