Stranger Danger, I am Legion Book 3
I Am Legion, Book 3: Stranger Danger
Author: Michaelbrent Collings

International bestseller and Bram Stoker and Dragon Award finalist Michaelbrent Collings brings you on a journey into what lays beyond madness...

He will teach you the lesson...
... he knows you’re dying to learn.

Legion is a teacher. An avenging angel. A murderer.

A madman.

Raised in the underground hideout of an insane father, he searches for those who keep secrets and sins. Then he teaches them how to leave those mistakes behind. Even if it means killing them to do it.

"Outstanding!" - The Reading Nook

Because sometimes murder is the cost of a proper education.

"WOW… I mean… WOW... Set aside some time. Once I began, I couldn’t stop." - Fundinmental

That's why, when he comes to a neighborhood in the grips of a vicious gang war, he knows the time has come to teach.

Soon Legion - and his imaginary brothers, Water and Fire - are caught in the middle of a vicious fight for control of the Downs, the worst part of a city on the verge of anarchy.

"A timely work of horror..." The Horror Review

Legion is facing enemies on all sides. Hundreds of men will stop at nothing to capture or kill him.

"A story that will have fans clamoring for what comes next." - The Genre Minx

Legion will teach the lessons. And the students will never forget, no matter how long - or short - their lives may be.

The students are ready.

"[If you like Batman] you will find this one satisfying." - Hellnotes

And the teacher will... never... stop.

Grab your copy of this bestselling novel that straddles thriller, suspense, mystery, humor, and horror - and will introduce you to a killer you can't help but root for!