Author: Michaelbrent Collings

"[A]n exciting, visceral, inventive tale of survival in the most primal of settings." - Screamfix

She is one of the only animals
who can chase a lion from its kill...

“Predators, hands down, is one of the best books I’ve read in the last few years.” - Horror Addicts

Evie Childs hoped the all-expense-paid trip to Africa would give her a chance at adventure. Maybe it would even let her forget a past that haunts her, and find safety from a husband who abuses her.

"[A]nother winner from Michaelbrent Collings." - The Horror Fiction Review

Her jaws can crush bone to powder...

But when a group of "freedom fighters" kidnaps her safari tour group, intent on holding them for ransom, the adventure turns to nightmare.

"A well written, dark and emotional read..." - Horror Drive-in

She knows no mercy, only hunger...

Now, Evie and the rest of the survivors must travel across miles of the harshest, most dangerous environment on Earth. No food. No water. No communications.

And they're being hunted.

"[S]cary, gory and suspenseful, and will keep you reading late into the night..." - Monster Librarian

She is the only animal alive
ho laughs as she hunts...

A pack of Africa's top predators have smelled the blood of the survivors, and will not stop until they have fed. Because in this place, you can be either one of the prey...

"[O]ne of the most memorable stories I've read this entire year." - Horror After Dark

...or one of the PREDATORS

"[Collings] has a gift." - Publishers Weekly

"I knew I was in for a treat when I opened [Collings’ book]." - ScreamFix

"A master." - Scream Magazine

"I read [Collings' book] at one sitting… and gasped aloud several times at expertly-done twists." - The Horror Fiction Review

" I have never been disappointed in any of [Collings’ books]." - Horror Novel Reviews

"Intense and downright scary." - Horror Geek Life

"Don't miss this one." - Monster Librarian

"Collings excels at building good characters." - Hellnotes