Author: Michaelbrent Collings

“I want your whole group to come closer, Detective. So you can see.”
“And if we don’t?”
“Then I execute the first ten students, and one every minute after that. I bet you run out of resolve before I run out of hostages.”


When armed commandos storm an elite boarding school, the police think it’s a plot for ransom, or an attempt to extort favors from the teens’ powerful parents.

"Collings skillfully manipulates language to prolong the suspense and terror" – Publishers Weekly

But the men, led by a killer who calls himself ‘‘Teacher,” have much darker plans in mind.

“Disturbing horror… intense writing that keeps you reading…” – Horror Drive-in

Teacher intends to give a lesson unlike any taught before.

One of the best books I have read this year if not ever.” – The Avid Reader

A lesson written on flesh.

A lesson inked in blood.

“Plenty of twists and turns…” - Horror World

A lesson about monsters.

“A brutal, no holds barred story… highly recommended…” – Char’s Horror Corner

The bell has been rung, the lesson begun.

And the lesson is this:

“From the moment I began reading, I was hooked…” – Totally Addicted to Reading

The monsters are real, and to them... you are just a plaything

Worldwide bestseller and multiple Bram Stoker Award and Dragon Award finalist Michaelbrent Collings brings you a horror that is all-too real… and truly MALIGNANT. Tap the link and get your copy today!