The Loon: A Novel of Darkest Terror
Author: Michaelbrent Collings

A #1 Kindle Horror Bestseller by one of the top 100 "Greatest All-Time Horror Writers" ( multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist Michaelbrent Collings!

Ever since losing his son in a tragic accident, Dr. Paul Wiseman has tried to lose himself in his work. And "The Loon" is the perfect place to do it: totally isolated, hundreds of miles from the nearest town. And that's by design, because The Loon is a super-max prison designed for one thing only: to keep the world's most dangerous madmen, murderers, and psychopaths from escaping.

"Hands down, an excellent book!" The Horror Fiction Review

But when a freak winter storm knocks out all power and security measures, Wiseman knows that the inmates are going to try to escape their cells.

And they're going to succeed.

Not just that, but when the once-prisoners discover that the raging blizzard and subzero temperatures will kill anyone who leaves within minutes, their only hope will be to murder the staff of The Loon, as well as the young mother and little girl who took refuge from the storm.

"Highly recommended for horror and thriller lovers... Collings knows how to write!" - Hellnotes

Killing temperatures without. Serial killers and psychopaths within.

But none of those is the biggest problem.

"A fabulous combination of suspense, action, and overall good storytelling." - The Top Shelf

No, the biggest problem is the... thing... that lives in the depths of The Loon. A creature that knows no remorse, no pain, no fear. It feels only one thing: hunger.

And it lives only to feed.

"An exciting psychological horror with everything you could ask for." - Audiobook Reviewer

The staff huddle in terror.
Madmen scratch at the door.
And a ravenous monster is coming to consume them all.

Welcome... to The Loon.

"Collings... has a gift for conjuring unsettling atmospheres and subverting readers' expectations." - Publishers Weekly

"I knew I was in for a treat when I opened [Collings’ book]." - ScreamFix

"Collings is a master." - Scream Magazine

"I read [Collings' book] at one sitting, kept changing my mind who I was rooting for, and gasped aloud several times at expertly-done twists." - The Horror Fiction Review

"I've been a fan of Michaelbrent Collings' books for a long time... but I have never been disappointed in any of them." - Horror Novel Reviews

"Intense and downright scary." - Horror Geek Life

"If you want excitement, don't miss this one." - Monster Librarian

"Collings excels at building good characters--and by 'good characters' I mean unspeakably awful but deeply interesting ones." - Hellnotes