The Loon

Paul Wiseman has a tough job.


As the chief of staff for the Crane Institute, he oversees over one hundred of the worst men in the world. Madmen all, they are housed in the super-max psychiatric prison known to its staff and inmates as “The Loon.”


But that isn’t the worst of it. A freak storm is on its way, a storm that threatens to cut off all communications with the outside world. Three days alone in a prison where any one of the inmates would be only too happy to kill you. Three days alone with nothing but snow and death outside the doors.


Three days alone with an evil beyond imagining.


Now, the inmates are disappearing. From cells built to be escape-proof, they are disappearing as though by magic, leaving behind nothing but blood. And lots of it.


There is something loose in The Loon. Something worse than the prisoners. Something worse than the devil itself. Evil has come to call…at The Loon.